PTF BPI 2014 Conference Program

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Tuesday, September 23rd – Conference Pre-Registration

18:00-20:00 Conference Pre-Registration + Poster Set-up (Room E15)

Wednesday, September 24th - Conference, Day 1

08:00-09:00 Conference Registration + Poster Set-up (Room E15)
Plenary Session (Room E17)
09:00-09:30 Keynote 1: FHS Officials and PTFBPI2014 Organizers (R. Ribitsch, G. Grall, A. Petutschnigg - FHS)
09:30-09:50 Keynote 2: Processing of data and evolution knowledge (T.M. Young - UT)
09:50-10:10 Keynote 3: Cascade utilization of wood (K. Richter - TUM)
10:10-10:30 Keynote 4: Market developments (M.C. Barbu - FHS/UTBv)
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break + Poster Set-up
10:50-12:10 Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Raw Materials for the Wood Industry (P. Chaowana) (Room E17)
1. Verkasalo, E. (H. Kilpeläinen, A. Ihalainen, T. Ropponen) - Wood processing properties of plantation- Grown norway spruce for saw milling in Finland
2. Yildirim, H.T. - Forests as a renewable energy resource and bioenergy scenarios in Turkey
3. Koutsianitis, D. (E. Voulgaridis) - Wood production of fir and beech  - Forests in relation to site quality
4. Chaowana, P. (M.C. Barbu, A. Frühwald) - Bamboo - a functionally graded composite material
5. Riegler, M. (N. Andre, M. Gronalt, T.M. Young) - Dynamic real-time simulation of continuous bulk material flow
Session 2: Bio-refinery and Energy from Wood (A. Astner) (Room E13)
1. Rauch, R. (M. Jovcic, C. Aichernig, E. Ililopoulou, E. Heracleous, A.A. Lapppas) - Hydroprocessing and catalytic cracking of Fischer-Tropsch biowaxes to biokerosene
2. Jungmeier, G. (R. van Ree, E. de Jong, H. Stichnothe, I. de Bari, H. Jørgensen, M. Wellisch, P. Walsh, G. Garnier, J. Spaeth, K. Torr, K. Habu) - The possible role of wood-biorefinering in a biobased industry
3. Astner, A. (T.M. Young, J.J. Bozell) - Taguchi robust product design for lignin yield maximization by organosolv fractionation using mixed biorefinery feedstocks
4. Labidi, J. (X. Erdocia, R. Prado, M.A. Corcuera) - Olive tree pruning acetosolv lignin biorefinery
5. Meng, Y. (T.M. Young, S. Wang) - Ultralight carbon aerogel as oil absorption materials
12:10-13:10 Lunch Break
13:10-14:45 Parallel Sessions
Session 3: Forests and Modern Wood Constructions (K. Richter) (Room E17)
1. Bajraktari, A. (B. Thaci, B. Pira) - Forest area in Kosovo and its capacity to fulfill the needs for wood
2. Liampas, G.A. (V. Drosos, A.K.G. Doucas) - Bioclimatic wooded forest constructions
3. Correal, M.E. (C. Iglesias-Rodríguez) - Potential strength class of the glulam made of Castanea sativa from Catalonia
4. Young, T. (K.K. Grasser) - A mill siting study for cross laminated timber in the United States
5. Vay, O. (C. Hansmann, A. Teischinger, U. Müller) - Thermal conductivity of hollow chamber sandwich boards
6. Erdinler Emine Seda (H.T. Yildirim) - Furniture industry – forestry relationship and a scenario on future
Session 4: Wood Drying Technologies (A. Teischinger) (Room E13)
1. Skuratov, N. (I. Sapozhnikov, A. Protasova) - Methods of evaluation of residual stresses and timber drying quality
2. Oliveira, L. - Kiln drying in Western Canada
3. Zweiler, R. (K. Paar, M. Goritschnig, M. Pomper): Energy efficiency of drying units
4. Ünsal, Ö. (C. Güler, B. Dilek) - Drying performances of industr?al high frequency and microwave driers for hardwoods
5. Neuhäuser, A.E. (C. Hansmann, T. Hobel, A. Teischinger) - Effect of surface incising on the drying time of Norway spruce
6. Huber, H. (T. Wimmer, T. Schnabel, A. Petutschnigg) - Analysis of the tension in wood during the drying process: an experimental approach
14:45-15:30 Coffee Break + Poster presentation
15:30-17:00 Plenary Session with Experts from industry (M.C. Barbu) (Room E17)
15:30-16:00 Schattdecor Co. (K. Humel) - Printing of decorative paper
16:00-16:30 Ikea Co. (M. Germann) - Light furniture developments
16:30-17:00 Scheuch Co. (A. Köck): Clean air in the wood industry

17:10-18:00 Tour of FHS facilities (Kuchl)

17:15-18.30 Working group Meetings
(only for COST FP1006 members)
Working group 1 (Room E17)
Working group 2 (Room E13)
Working group 3 (Room 1.11)

18:30-22:00 Come Together Dinner at Gemeindeamt Kuchl

Thursday, September 25th: Conference, Day 2

08:00-09:00 Steering Committee Meeting
(only for COST FP1006 members, Room 1.11)

Plenary Session (Room E17)
09:00-09:20 Keynote 5: Wood Modification (H. Militz, GAUG)
09:20-09:40 Keynote 6: Recycling of wood products (A. Teischinger, BOKU)
09:40-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:10 Parallel Sessions
Session 5: Wood Modification Processes - Part 1* (H. Militz) (Room E17)
1. Bak, M. (R. Németh, D. Novák, P. Gulyás) - Sorption and diffusion properties of oil-heat-treated poplar wood
2. Choowang, R. (A. Sanpruksin, P. Fikhao) - Effect of moisture content and microwave pre-heating on the thickness swelling of hot pressed oil palm wood
3. Biçak, S. (M.H. Akyldiz, M. Atar) - Effects of heat-treatment and wood preservative on combustion resistance of oak wood
4. Mitani, A. (I. Barboutis) - Influence of the thermal treatment on mechanical properties of fir wood
5. Varga, D. (L. Tolvay, A. Csiszar, R. Nemeth) - Colour modification of scots pine, larch and spruce wood by steaming
6. Griebeler Gomes de Oliveira, Carolina (C. Iglesias-Rodríguez, G.I.B. de Muñiz) - Color changes of thermally modified Eucalyptus grandis wood after weathering
7. Cirule, D. (B. Andersons, I. Andersone, A. Meija-Feldmane, J. Grinins) - Weathering and protection pecularities of hydrothermally modified aspen
8. Belloncle, C. (M. Irle, J-B. Aurel) - Artificial and natural weathering of fire-proofed wood cladding
(* - in the frame of COST Action FP1006)
Session 6: Wood based Composites - Part 1 (M. Šernek) (Room E13)
1. Langthaler, G. (T. Stern, P. Schwarzbauer) - Diffusion of Innovation: Key factors influencing market development of natural fibre-reinforced composites
2. Segovia, C. (A. Sauget, A. Besserer, R. Kueny, A. Pizzi) - Evaluating of mold growth in tanin-resine and flax fiber composites
3. Tondi, G. (M. Link, C. Kolbitsch, R. Lesacher) - Sandwich panels with 100% natural tannin-furanic foam core
4. Lenz, S.(M. Kohlmayr, G. Zuckerstätter, A. Kandelbauer) - On the Suitability of Natural Polyols as Resin Components for Paper-Based Laminates
5. Rindler, A. (P. Solt, T. Schnabel, M.C. Barbu) - Comparison between HB and HDF made from waste leather
6. Michaud, F. (C. Delisse, J. Moreau, M. Irle) - Eco-design and multi-objective optimization of insulating wood fiber based materials
7. Medved, S. (E. Tudor, B. Lesar and M. Humar) - Thermal insulation panels from cellulosic fibres
8. Kain, G. (M.C. Barbu, K. Richter, A. Petutschnigg, B. Plank) - Use of tree bark as insulation material
12:10-13:10 Lunch Break
13:10-15:30 Parallel Sessions
Session 7: Wood Modification Processes - Part 2* (H. Militz) (Room E17)
1. Šernek, M. (M. Kitek Kuzman, M. Kariž) - Bonding of thermally modified wood with pvac, epi, pur and muf adhesives
2. Can, A. (H. Sivrikaya) - Effects of zinc oxide based paint on weathering performance of coated wood
3. Vitkeviciute, I. (M. Noel, T. Volkmer) - Water vapor sorption behaviour of wood modified with bio-(co)polyesters
4. Banaszak, A. (W. Perdoch, M. Broda, B. Mazela) - Protein polymers as IPBC stabilizing factors
5. Muszynska, M. (T. Krystofiak, P. Bekhta) - Adhesion of eva copolymer to pine veneer after thermo-mechanical modification
6. Tondi, G. (J. Hu, M.F. Thevenon) - Advanced tannin-based wood preservatives
7. Meints, T. (M. Müller, C. Hansmann, J. Delis , V. Malinina, F. Liebner) - 31P NMR studies of siloxane modified wood using supercritical carbon dioxide as solvent
8. Huber, H. (T. Schnabel) - Electron beam irradiation of wood: an experimental parameter study
(* - in the frame of COST Action FP1006)
Session 8: Wood based Composites - Part 2 (S. Medved) (Room E13)
1. Papadopoulou, E. (C. Markessini, P. Tsirogiannis, K. Siamos) - Wood based panels with improved surface properties
2. Chupin L. (B. Charrier, A. Pizzi, F. Charrier) - Particleboard adhesive without formaldehyde emission
3. Klimek, P. (R. Wimmer) - In-situ imprinting of particleboards to create locally-shaped density and alter internal bonding
4. Medved, S. (N. ?uk, M. Kunaver) - Behavior of liquefied wood bonded particleboards
5. Andre, N. (T.M. Young) - Real-time process modeling of oriented strand board panels
6. Semple, K. (G. Smith) - Theoretical models for bamboo strand width distribution
7. Reh, R. - Decorative veneer properties of sweet chestnut
8. Monteiro, S. (A. Dias, L. Carneiro, J. Ferra, J. Martins, L. Carvalho) - Low density polyester particles for lightweight wood based composites
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break + Poster Dismantling
16:00-17:20 Parallel Sessions
Session 9: Finishing Technologies* (E. Papadopoulou) (Room E17)
1. Csanady, E. (G. Sitkei) - A new Method for Wood Color Determination
2. Beikircher, W. (H. Gasser, J. Kögl) - Temperature profile of wood coated with intumescent fire protective coatings tested in the cone calorimeter
3. Csiha, C. (E. Papp) - Surface tension measurement of differently rough sanded oak surfaces
4. Rozanska, A. (J. Sandak) - Resistance to scratches tests with 3D methods
5. Jocham, C. (M. Badila, T. Schmidt, C. Mayer, A. Blatter, T. Schwarz, P. Hauber, D. Lücke, U. Müller, A. Kandelbauer, B. Letsch, K. Rehm) - Developments and trends in powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates
(* - in the frame of COST Action FP1006)
Session 10: Emissions of Wood Products (M. Weigl) (Room 1.11)
1. Young, T. (J. Otjen, N. André) - Quantifying the natural variation of formaldehyde emissions for wood composite panels
2. Weigl, M. (C. Fürhapper, M. Nohava, D. Stratev, E. Habla, K. Joerg, M. Pain, W. Pichler) - Processing pellets towards low emissions
3. Höllbacher, E. (C. Rieder-Gradinger, T. Ters, E. Srebotnik) - Using a small-scale testing tool (µ-cte) for rapid predicition of VOC from wood products
Session 11: Service Life and User expectations* (J. Sandak) (Room E13)
1. Grigsby, W. (J.E. McDevitt) - Comparative life cycle assessment of bio-based and petrochemical adhesives used in fiberboard production
2. Bülbül, Z. (M.Ö. Kuscuoglu, S.D. Sofuoglu) - Hazards in kids furniture
3. Sandak, J. (M. Riggio, A. Sandak, I. Santoni) - What is superb wood surface? Defining user preferences and service life expectations
4. Hesser, F. - Pitfall of carbon accounting of bio-based materials in b-2-b communication
(* - in the frame of COST Action FP1006)

17:20-18:30 Management Committee Meeting
(only for COST FP1006 members, Room E17)

17:30-18:15 Visit of HTK facilities (Kuchl)

18:30-22:00 Farwell Dinner at HTK (Kuchl) (no dress code)

Fri. 26th of September:
Post Conference Parallel Tours, Day 3

The 3rd day of the conference provides two optional parallel tours. These tours are not part of the conference itself and they are not included in the conference fee. They only represent an opportunity to visit international companies from Austria and Germany for the participants who want to learn more about latest developments, technologies and production lines.

TOUR 1: Egger* in St. Johann in Tirol
08:15 Departure from Kuchl
08:30 Departure from Hallein or Urstein
10:00-11:45 Visit of particleboard, eurolights and furniture parts lines
11:45-12:45 Exhibition center with news like acoustic boards and virtual studio
12:45-13:30 Lunch by courtesy of Egger
13:30 Departure for Salzburg
15:00 Arrival at Salzburg Airport or Train Station
16:00 Arrival in Kuchl

(there are still 5 places available, 17 September)

TOUR 2: Hamberger / Schattdecor* in Rosenheim
08:15 Departure from Kuchl
08:30 Departure from Hallein or Urstein
10:00-11:30 Visit of flooring lines at Hamberger in Rosenheim
11:45-12:45 Visit of decorative paper and exhibition center at Schattdecor in Thansau
12:45-13:30 Lunch by courtesy of Schattdecor
13:30 Departure for Salzburg
15:00 Arrival at Salzburg Airport or Train Station
16:00 Arrival in Kuchl

(there are still 5 places available, 17 September)

*Companies are reserving their right to deny the participation of people strongly linked to their competitors.

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